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September 29, 2011

KC is second rate

Southwest Airlines’ in-flight magazine, “Spirit,” has an 11-page promotional section this month titled “Spirit of Missouri.” If one were to take the piece literally, there is only one major city in Missouri, and it isn’t Kansas City.

Of the eight color photographs, exactly one is related to Kansas City: a photograph of the Argosy Casino. Five photographs feature St. Louis attractions.

Within the body of the lengthy paid promotional piece, a Kansas City topic or attraction is mentioned exactly three times. Again, one of those three is of the Argosy Casino. St. Louis has 11.

The section features eight paid advertisements, up to a full page in size. Kansas City advertisers’ total: one, a half-page ad for the Argosy Casino. St. Louis: five, including three full-page ads.

Is there no agency or organization actively promoting Kansas City? How could we be all but omitted in 11 pages about Missouri?

Why does Kansas City continue to be a second city? Perhaps because we don’t even try.

Paul DeRanek
Kansas City



That magazine isn't journalism, it's promotional. And there seems to be a correlation between advertiseers and articles promoting the companies which pay for those advertisements. The SWA hub must be bigger in St. Louis. No surprise there.


...Things like this do make one wonder what is happening to the Chamber of Commerce in KC...their promotion of KC seems to be slipping....

...at least the Argosy Casino seems to be on top of things... ;-)

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