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September 29, 2011

Moderate political void

It’s time for plain talk. Both parties are responsible for the mess we are in.

I would like someone to start a national moderate party. I’m sure there are moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats who have had to leave their party (like myself) because they are not represented in those parties any longer.

I’m tired of calling myself an independent. It is the moderates who keep things in perspective.

They believe in taking care of those that really need help but always within our means. They want to protect our country without selling out to corporations charging 5,000 percent profit on products sold to the government.

Do you want a Congress that can actually make reasonable decisions again? Then make a call for the moderates to return.

Nancy Sams
Knob Noster, Mo.



Sorry Nancy, but moderates are part of the problem. You swing from one side to the other on whims and become the deciding factor in elections.

You're the reason we end up electing politicians who, instead of upholding the Constitution, trample it whenever the rationale seems to have good intentions.


Obama is a moderate. He has tried to compromise with the Republicans over and over again but they are more interested in buying into the propaganda of talk radio and the tea partiers so that they can defeat him next year than they are in governing the country.

John S

Moderate stands for wishy, washy, go along to get along, reach across the aisle, constitutionally un-savvy, back slappers that got us into this mess.

Someone needs to stand up and say "Let's clean this sewer up".

U of Misery, Ruskin Art Fence Critic

With out being asked, I will be speaking for the Heart Land centered Sacramento Bee, San Diego Union Tribune, KC Star, and Aint Louis Post Dispatch, and other non patriotic media.

Thank you for helping us to forward the decades old false hood that the USA LEGITIMATELY went from all Independent, no political parties, to two corrupt, semi official, idea killing, agents provocateur, 'major' parties.

Ash Roughani

Agree on the need, but it needs to come from the ground-up. In other words, state-by-state. Check out http://CAMod.org to see what a political party startup looks like. Then check out http://moderat-ri.org. Why not start a MO Moderate Party and join the ranks?


Chris Brethwaite: I want to nominate him for the leader of this party.

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