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September 29, 2011

Obama made tea party

Through immaturity, ineptitude and missed opportunities, President Barack Obama misread the will of the American people. A political vacuum was created, which forced the creation of the tea party.

I find it ironic now that Obama and his supporters are so intent on bad-mouthing and destroying the tea party. You created it, so now you have to deal with it.

The cat is out of the box now. It is too late to put it back.

Robert C. Thomas



And that's the tea party? Oy vey. Protecting us from the government? No thanks tea party. Go live in a bunker. Take your stupid and harmful debates about the debt ceiling with you.

B Ker

Doesn't really matter where it came from. What matters if how it is going to continue to change the face of politics in this country. Someone has to have some common sense.

Thank God for the Tea Party.


The commenter...so is this your final comment?

The commenter


steven klein

There are many factors which have contributed to the drop in the President's approval ratings. Some are a direct result of his own behavior, decisions and missteps which is as it should be. Some is a result of a general national malaise and pessimism driven by very challenging circumstances which is the way it always will be.

John S

Robert -

I do have to disagree about the date the Tea Party started. When the Bush administration rolled out TARP and many politicians voted for it in spite of a massive telephone campaign against it we began to come together. Here in Missouri Congressman Cleaver admitted that the vast majority of callers were against TARP but he voted for it anyway. Claire McCaskill said that she didn't like TARP but would "hold her nose and vote for it anyway". Some people began sending tea bags to both Congress and to President Bush and making plans for rallies. Following Rick Santelli's rant we did come together and the Tea Party was born. History is now ongoing.

For those who say that the Tea Party didn't begin having rallies until Obama had been elected are correct. Planning nationwide rallies is not an easy task. One recent example of planning taking time is the months of planning which went into the left's "Day of Rage" on Wall St. and the current Van Jones initiative to mobilize people for their "Rebuild The Dream" initiative.

Obama did not cause the Tea Party to form but he has continually stoked the fires of the Tea Party movement with his costly, big government agenda.


TRA...You are sooooo adamantly against the Tea Party...making it impossible to debate issues...

...might want to stay away from MSNBC today....


This is where I disagree about the origin of the tea party. How could Obama have been so immature and inept in the first three months of his presidency? Especially when he was handed a seriously screwed up economy on a platter? This is where my suspicions of tea party racism lie...


The Tea Party is a joke. They don't want government intervention...unless gay people are going to get married...then its ok if the government intervenes. It's leaders in congress preach fiscal responsibility, but happily except farm subsidies from the government. They're all about the constitution, except the part about freedom of religion...the US is only a Christian nation in their eyes. They are wiling to put their draconian ideology over every thing else, booing a US soldier simply because he is gay. But thankfully, the Tea Party is rapidly losing support. Only around 20% of Americans hold a favorable view of them, and for good reason.


Steven, how many of those 53% are still with the President?

His subsequent actions have been the cause of the plunging % of people who still support him.


...The reason Obama received 53% of the vote was because of his cheers of "Yes We Can" and "Change"...(many independents along with democrats were mad at GW Bush's overspending & the wars)..... (Tea Party)

...Trouble is - many didn't really know what sort of changes would be occurring.....


The Tea Party had it's beginnings under the Bush administration. You could argue the Tea Party seeds were germinating 10, 20, 30 years ago in the various front organizations like AFP and CSE the Koch brothers funded to push their plutocratic vision for the USA.

But, the TeaBaggers "came out" with Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC against the "Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan", 19Feb09. His rant against "bailouts for losers" mid-wifed the birth of the modern TeaBaggers.

steven klein

I was under the impression that the Tea Party, by the account of many of its members, actually began to get traction and take form at the end of the Bush administration provoked by a series of moves to combat the economic crisis, especially the TARP legislation and aggressive actions by the Fed. Tea Party types, is that correct?

By the way, since the President was elected decisively at about the time the Tea Party was forming exactly what was the will of the people which he misread? His very election was a reflection of the will of approx 53% of those voting.

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