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September 29, 2011

Politics hurt U.S.

The gang of 12, the president and Congress must include “non-entitlements” in their vocabulary. This means that the government does not guarantee benefits.

One priority should be the elimination of U.S. tax credits. This credit allows companies to move U.S. jobs overseas, shelter company profits and not pay taxes.

The problem is the president and Congress. Obama selected the chief executive of G.E. to run the “New-Jobs Focus Panel.” G.E. is a company that sends jobs overseas, shelters profits and does not pay U.S. taxes. Most U.S. citizens have also said that another “non-entitlement” should be reducing the president’s and Congress’ generous salaries and benefits.

No matter if the Congress and president are Democrats or Republicans, their only interest is getting re-elected.

Carl Antrim


John S

There is just too much money in politics.


I think the leader of the free world making 200K is laughable. Granted, he doesn't have any expenses and has lifetime free benefits/retirement, but hey, throw the dude a bone...even Barack gotta eat.

steven klein

I understand the economics of baseball compensation. It is ultimately driven by a range of societal preferences which include an insatiable appetite for anything Lady Gaga, priced accordingly. Although the compensation mechanism for the office of President is not really market based, it still is to some extent a function of a set of societal values. Is the office of President overcompensated. I don't think so. What's your view?


The reason baseball palyers are paid millions is because a.)they are one of only 750-800 players on Earth good enough to earn millions to play professionally and b.)Fans PAY to be entertained by them. No different than Brad Pitt making millions to be in a movie you may not like. Are teachers more important? Of course but until the day comes when people PAY to watch teachers teach, it will not change so dry your eyes kitten...

steven klein

How many people think that the President of the United States of whatever political party is overcompensated given the demands, criticality and uniqueness of the position in a society in which baseball players of less than modest abilities are paid millions?

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