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October 31, 2011

Arab Spring dawning on U.S. shores?

As we are watching the Arab Spring with admiration sweeping throughout the Middle East from Tunisia to Cairo, Tripoli to Damascus and Sana’a, we are seeing that they have one thing in common: People are seeking a major change.

They are saying enough is enough. You cannot keep lying to us. We can no longer accept being absent from the decision-making.

Now in Europe it looks like something is going on. And we see in New York City.

It’s what could become an Arab Spring coming to the United States this fall or winter. There might be a reason for this.

The economy does not look good at all. We take our country to wars based on lies, and no one is held accountable.

People’s interests are absent when a decision is made in Washington, D.C. Elections seem to produce nothing but the same results.

Big corporations are having more influence over the decisions. Is it time for the Arab Spring to arrive here in the United States? I am not sure.

Ahmed El-Sherif


Baby Food

I think we need a better system in decision making and people who responsible for performing bad action should be bring to justice.


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Smarter Than You

I recently read and would reccomend "WITH ROMMEL IN THE DESERT" by Heinz Schmidt. I've been feeding my crass consumerism reading of late (the new Bond by Deaver and the latest John Sanford).


.....hey STY.....I'm going to the book sale in OP on Thursday....any jewels you'd suggest I look for?....

Smarter Than You

OWS-ers may not embrace Arab Spring but they have definitely rejected Irish Spring, and Ivory, and ...
(Gaelic font o sarcasm, found in a pot at the end o the rainbow, in use)


Some of you need to step away from the "talking points" and actually try to understand what caused this recession.

Seth or gg, want to identify one of these "risks" you speak of? The casino parody is pretty good though.

Ah, forget it. Try explaining this. The banks first received TARP money in Oct. of '08. By April of '09 they wanted to pay it back. Now, how could we have been in the depths of a finacial meltdown, and suddenly, in 6 months, everything was fine?


The Rick Parry tax reform plan ...

"In 2015, compared with current tax policy, 40.8 percent of U.S. households would pay higher taxes and 40.5 percent of households would pay less, according to the center’s analysis. More than 96 percent of people making more than $500,000 a year would receive a tax cut, while 52.6 percent of people making between $50,000 and $75,000 a year would face a tax increase."


Spring isn't that far away. This kind of stuff only moves it closer.


Seth doesn't get it.

The bankers were in an honest, regulated casino but they decided they weren't bringing in enough winnings. So, they asked the house management to loosen the game up and remove the limits figuring they were the smart guys and they'd always win.

As the bankers soon lost everything, they then went home long enough to clean out their elderly parents' savings to cover their losses and keep the casino's knee-cappers at bay. Then, the bankers began to plan their next trip to Vegas.

That's moral hazard.


whispering, I thought that would be a link to the OWS brand cologne. ;)


What's with the stink-eye?



W2KC - That's right. It's called a moral hazard. It doesn't excuse the bankers' behavior, but it explains why they took such risks.

How would you behave if I sent you to the casino and told you to try to win, but if you don't win I'll cover your losses? Would you act as prudently as you would if you were risking your own money?


They need to move fast to copyright that up-twinkles thing. That's catching on like wildfire. ;)


I'm pretty sure I meant enduring, though you have your moments...


"... OWS applied for a trademark for their brand. ..."

Actually, a Long Island couple was at Zuccotti Park making handmade things with magic markers. When they went to a silk screener to have things made in larger numbers, the screener wouldn't do the work unless they had trademark protection. They then applied for the trademark and offered to sell it back to Occupy Wall Street for $1.

Other professional predatory investment/speculator outfits unrelated to Occupy Wall Street are also now in the mix, applying for Occupy trademarks to turn a buck on. With the trademark rush on, the Occupy people finally applied last week to protect their own name.


OWS applied for a trademark for their brand. Look for OWS brand drums and keffiyehs in time for Black Friday. Word to the wise, though - skip the OWS cologne.


gg, weak comment.

Why don't you start out by telling me where I'm wrong?

As it stands now, I can only get back to you with the same info:-)


Jdog, I don't think you could find one person who would agree with your assessment of the banking collapse. Why don't you do a little more research and get back to me.


"enduring Kate's snark"? Well, now you've just hurt my feelings. Are you sure you didn't mean "endearing" . . . "Kate's endearing snark"? :)


According to Peter Schiff, the fringe nut, the bankers were only consuming the alcohol the government served them. Thus, the banker drunk was not their fault, it was the government's.


gg, How did the banks screw up? If I recall correctly, a lot people borrowed money that they didn't pay back, thus the banks had lots of losses.
Are you suggesting that instead of lending that money to unqualified home owners we should lend it to unqulaified students?
Isn't unqualified, unqualified?

"Bankers screwed up" - I just love the vision some people have... NOT.

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