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October 31, 2011

Facts, not fiction

It’s incredible. The Republican noise machine grinds out the same old story line, and Americans fail to think for themselves.

We live in a day and age where actual facts are at our fingertips, but it’s easier to repeat a prefab opinion because it suits our need to fit in at church, at work or at a family gathering.

I’ve had friends and family (all great folks, I think) tell me some of the dumbest things that they’ve heard from someone else, or buck me some mindless email that someone else sent them. You know, Joe from church forwards an email with “You need to see this,” or “Forward this to all of your friends if you love America.”

Then you look at the email and it’s intended to be inflammatory, but if you verify the facts it’s pure political hate and baloney.

I know it’s hard, but it’s time to think for yourself. America can come together and solve its problems, but only if we agree upon the facts.

I’ll start: The Twin Towers were not blown up by the government. Obama was born in Hawaii.

John Meyer
Blue Springs



Rick Parry just the other day signed on with the Birthers. Well, who's to say Obama ain't some furriner. He don't even look like us.


So John thinks that the "Republican noise machine" is responsible for Truthers? The folks at the DNC propaganda machine must be high fiving each other!


Pot, meet kettle.


John, if you’re going to write about Facts, not fiction, try being honest first! Starting out with, “The Republican noise machine…” is a politically slanted view that is based on OPINION, not fact. The rest of your writing is without any sense. You are what you abhor.

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