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October 31, 2011

Gays merit U.S. rights

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are what the Declaration of Independence offers as “unalienable rights.” This might be true for most Americans but not all.

Life? Not for many homosexuals. Once they come out, they risk falling victim to a murderous hate crime. They risk facing bullies — which can lead to suicide.

Liberty? Forget about freedom. Homosexuals are denied a number of rights.

Pursuit of happiness? How can gay people be happy when they’re told they can’t marry who they love? Perhaps the Bible does say homosexual relationships are wrong or unnatural, or that homosexuals are inhuman. But in the Bible, there are more than 200 allusions to heterosexual people doing wrong. Homosexuals’ “wrong-doings” are mentioned fewer than 20 times.

According to the Bible, and the Defense of Marriage Act, marriage can be defined as a unity between a man and a woman. The last time I checked, our laws were not supposed to be influenced by the Bible. What happened to the separation of church and state?

Homosexual and bisexual people are human, just as every heterosexual person is. They should be treated as such and given the same rights as others.

Payton Haen
Lee’s Summit


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enjoyed reading your post and I like your take on the issue


Why is it that the religious justify hating gay marriage with a cherry-picked quote from an outdated code of conduct (Deuteronomy) but ignore the passages that tell parents to stone disobedient children to death, forbid the mixing of fabrics (100% cotton only), require women to be chaste until marriage (once again with the penalty of stoning to death), tell people to kill those with different religious beliefs and that require rape victims to marry their rapists? A religious justification for hating gays is simply absurd and hateful. The DOMA has no place in a society like ours.


Every patriotic American must do his part to take his stand against the homosexual agenda's spreading of filth, disease, and perversion in our communities.

Shorter University, a private Christian university in Rome, GA, is forcing
its 200 employees to sign a "personal lifestyle statement" rejecting
pre-martial sex, adultery and homosexuality or risk getting fired.
About time somebody took a toothy stand against the deterioration of
America's societal structure caused by decadence and perversion.


Momo, what did I say that was "closed minded"?


There have been too many marriage traditions throughout history that conflict with Mark Robertson's definition. It makes it near impossible to take Mark seriously when it comes to this subject.

Mark Robertson

Marriage is between one man and one woman. Always has, always will be, no matter what some activist judge, legislation, or even vote of the people say. Thank you.

Mark Robertson


mrnifty -- how so very sad that you are such a closed minded person.

Each of us can have an opinion, but to bash others for what they believe shows little minds and little education.

And JDog, your comment...Really???? You are just as closed minded as mrnifty.

Enjoy your sheltered lives...I'm siding with the writer of the letter. Always keep your mind open!!!!


You need to get a lesson in past and present tense 'So, a Civil Union doesn't make you happy?' infers that this is available. And frankly no it doesn't make me happy cause the minute you make it two different things it is treated as two different things. They tried that with African-Americans didn't work out too well then either.

T. Hanson

Ephesians 4:29


Hey lAY, if i'm an idiot then your the ultimate moron. Please go bcak and re-read my comment. I was supporting your wish to have a Union with the person of your choice, complete with all the "rights" that come with marriage. But, if you want to bash that idea and revert to name calling, that's your "choice".


For those out there who are straight, is being straight a choice? Did you chose to find the opposite sex sexually attractive? If so, then you admit that you could, if you wanted, chose to find the same sex sexually attractive. Interesting. Are you sure you are straight?


People that use the Bible and God as a weapon to hurt other people or attempt to claim Christian exclusivity are pompous charlatans.


Homosexuality is an abomination. It's sick and not acceptable to God or true Christians.
Homosexuals are lucky they are not incarcerated for there deviant behavior.


This is an issue not worth arguing about. Those who are opposed will never change their minds. Their views are based on fear, though they often interpret the Bible (or allow others to interpret it for them) to fit their beliefs. Those who agree will never change their minds. Their views are based on open-mindedness. Unfortunately, narrowmindness abounds.

Big Daddy

Hey Laughing; Don't look now but I'm back. Don't forget to include that I was able to debate my two most ardent opponents straight into accepting my thesis. Being Gay is a choice. They ultimately agreed. Want to know why? 'Cause it's true.

The CHOICE you made comes with consequences. The fact that you can't be married under common law and enjoy the same legal benefits as hetero couples comes with that CHOICE. You knew it going it so don't start complaining about it now.


Separate but equal is never truly equal. There is no reason to deny gay families and their children the protections and dignity of equal legal marriage.

Churches will always be free to marry or not marry whomever they like. Our Church marries divorced people and gay couples. The Catholic Church will marry neither. Our Church marries inter-racial couples. Many Southern Baptist Churches, however, will not.

When it comes to legal marriage--that piece of paper you go to the government to get--no one religion should dictate who is eligible.


You're an idiot. There is no ceremony that extends any benefits to gay couples. If you can find one for the state of Kansas or Missouri please post the link. I'll wait. Oh wait no I won't cause you're an idiot and there isn't one. Yes I can have a ceremony done at a church if I want. Great way to waste a lot of money for absolutely 0 legal benefits but hey warm and fuzzy feelings abound.


lay, thanks for all the incorrect information, but I enjoyed the laugh:-)

I was suggesting a ceremony called Civil Union in lieu of Marriage so as to not disrupt the man & woman thing; and of course you would get all the benefits with a Civil Union that come with a Marriage. Call it whatever you want, just not marriage. Be creative, and come up with a new word!

Next time try to read with an OPEN mind.

A tad touchy, eh?


I've typically stopped responding to these stupid comments cause I realized I can get more results trying to knock a wall over by ramming my head against it repeatedly, but the stupidity has reached an all time high on this one (Correct the dumbest was a couple weeks ago with some moron trying to explain how being gay was a fear of rejection by women which apparently turns you into effeminate musical loving sissies - Never had a problem dating women when I was pretending to be straight, and definitely never liked musicals).

1. What civil unions? If you think gay people have access to civil unions than you are woefully uninformed and in need of a reality check. I can live with my partner for the next 50 years and legally it is the equivalence of a one night stand in the eyes of the government.
2. No the majority of benefits that are assigned to marriage are not available through anything but marriage. No survivor benefits, no access to being on other's work insurance plan pre-tax (some companies do offer domestic partner benefits but you are taxed unlike with married couples). Up to hospital if you are allowed in ICU if partner is hospitalized cause legally you are not family (regardless of power of attorney documents). Not to mention a whole list of other benefits.
3. The idiotic statement '"Homosexual people" already have the same right to marry as any other man or woman have.' Is an insult and you know it.
4. No I do not need religion to tell me the difference between right and wrong. If you are unable to tell the difference than please continue to go to church because you apparently need someone to think for you.


The letter was about RIGHTS, not kids & women!

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