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October 31, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I wonder about these folk who are engaged in the Occupy Wall Street protests. What do they expect to happen?

I wonder how many of these well intentioned individuals will either not vote in our upcoming elections or vote these same characters back into office again.

It’s kind of like my professor asked a classmates during one of the computer classes: “If it didn’t work the first five times, what makes you think it’ll work this time?”

I suggest we all vote against anyone who is currently in office because I see no improvements from the Democrats, and I certainly do not see any improvement from the Republicans we put in Congress during the last election.

Paul R. Koontz Sr.
Spring Hill



It's not a problem of who is in charge, or what they are doing to the economy; it's a problem that anyone is in charge and that anyone has such power over the economy in the first place. Considering the country's had 44 presidents, more than 1800 senators, and more 10,000 congressmen, it would be naive to think that replacing a couple hundred of them next fall will make it all better.

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