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December 31, 2011

Cash pollutes politics

As long as we allow money to control our government, democracy in America cannot succeed. Our elections and legislation have been for sale for many years at our expense.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is long overdue, and I hope all of those involved have proper identification and are registered so they can vote.

Armand Way


Steve Johnston

The Occupy Movement is protesting the loss of their jobs, mostly through no fault of their own. They dont't have any idea what went on at Fannie and Freddie, or any other part of DC and Wall Street that has screwed up our country. Sense when is being a member of the well schooled and insider informed elite, a pre-requisite for protest.


REally big? I kind of see it this way. When a company lays off 10,000 people and saves $5 million a year, then gives the CEO a $6 million dollar bonus, they just redistributed wealth from the poor to the rich. I thought guys like you were against wealth redistribution.


But you don't need proper identification to vote. The Democrats say it would be devastating to America if proper ID would be required. So, vote early, vote often.


I don't remember the occupy movement protesting against Freddie or Fannie. They don't protest against the uniions. These are people putting big money in the politicians hands. They aren't protesting Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates. They are billionaires putting money in politics.

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