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December 07, 2011

Church pillared unfairly

The Catholic Church has for centuries, and continues today, to courageously stand as a pillar of moral strength and guidance for the world society, notwithstanding some human failings among some ministers through the years. Temporary heathen secular institutions like The Kansas City Star are all to ready to pounce with personal commentary upon any human frailties exposed in the church.

Your continuing attack on the church is not recommended. Meanwhile we offer the following prayer for The Star: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they say (nor do).”

Otto Rieke


Mark Robertson

But I guess it would still be Catholic hating though. Thank you.

Mark Robertson


"And what would a Catholic hating letter be without mentioning the Crusades, the Inquisition, and celibacy. Thank you."

A whitewash of the facts.

Mark Robertson

And what would a Catholic hating letter be without mentioning the Crusades, the Inquisition, and celibacy. Thank you.

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson

Your claim about the Vatican having an alliance with the Nazis in persecuting Jews and and others in th 40s is of course a lie. Suggested reading: The Myth of Hitler's Pope, How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis, by Rabbi David Dalin.
And what are you talking about with your Viet Nam claim? Speaking of insane.
And surprise, surprise, you are one of those who believe the overpopulation lie. Actually, there is a birth dearth in many places, including Eurpoe. The U.S. birth rate is barely at a sustainable level.
And, like Bishop Finn, Bishop Tobin is an outstanding bishop who strictly follows the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
And, of course you didn't give any examples of "nonsense" being "promulgated" by Jack Cashill, because you can't. Thank you.

Mark Robertson


I agree with you Hanson as when is enough enough? They could run a story every few weeks of a Black on White crime that occurred in KC with actual accounts from the victims as to what was said by the perps and paint a frightening account of what transpired for all to read, but they would never do such a thing. They alwys try their best to leave race out of it, unless it is a percieved racial based attack by a White person. They protect the race, but activily report on a religion. Why is that?


There is no arguing Thomas O'Brien is a sick cookie. The rest is just details.


There are many things that the Catholic Church has done, for the right reasons, during my lifetime, that I greatly appreciate.

However, it has behaved very badly, also during my life. This has included the Vatican's alliance in the '40s with the Nazis concerning the genocidal persecution of Jews, homosexuals, labor activists, socialists, the disabled and the (mostly Catholic) Slavs.

The Catholic Church also led the way in promoting our illegal invasion and occupation of Viet Nam.

Its resistance to almost all forms of birth control is insane, in a world of diminishing resources and exploding population.

It has done many other atrocious things as well. Any objective history would have to mention the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, the partitioning of most of the Americas for the benefit of the imperialistic and genocidal rulers of Portugal and Spain of five centuries ago.

Bishop Finn, like many of his colleagues such as Bishop Tobin in Rhode Island, have energetically covered up the rampant pedophelia in the priesthood. The Church's insistence in continuing with the Medieval tradition of celibacy, orginally adopted to keep church property from being passed along to the children and heirs of the clergy, has brought us to the point where its reputation is barely better than NAMBLA's with respect to child abuse.

Tobin recently complained that Governor Lincoln Chafee in an announcement called the ceremonial tree to be lighted, a "holiday" tree, rather than a Christmas tree (even though Chafee called it a Christmas tree in a simultaneous written message). Tobin urged that Rep. Patrick Kennedy be denied communion just as Finn urged the same prohibition to be applied to Gov. Sebelius for their refusal to allow religious beliefs to dictate government policy.

The conduct of the church in these matters is simply indefensible. If Mr. Reike is unable to deal with that reality, I suggest that he confine his sources of information exclusively to that sort of nonsense as is promulgated by Jack Cashill.


Pillared churches is the only reason they're still standing. If not for pillars, they'd have collapsed long ago.

T. Hanson

It is interesting thing this censorship topic. I mean is the KC Star really censoring an article if they don't allow it to be commented on? I mean were we all censored prior to 2005 when they did not have comment sections on the website?

Also it is their website. There is no mandate that they have to have the comment sections open. Now a prime example of this was on some of the other websites around Kansas City that broke news of Don Harmen's death last week. There was some pretty hateful and untrue comments that were posted which did nothing to further the conversation of the story.

I stand by my original posting though, this story is the same one that gets posted about every other month in the KC Star just with different names. We get it, it was bad, people got hurt and now we can only do what we can by bringing charges.


...dearest....the guy got fired from his last job for causing a panic with the headline "Big Artie-Chokes three for a dollar at Safeway"....

Erin Curry

I'm a life-long Catholic who attends church every weekend and often on weekdays. I teach catechism to sixth graders. I love my church and I am sensitive to much of the ignorant criticism leveled against a faith that is the cornerstone of my life.
However, I also knew Brian Teeman! I don't understand why Fr. O'Brien and others like him were never even arrested, let alone tried and in prison for their attrocities.
As a Catholic, I need to see a more just approach from our hierarchy

Ken W

gg, there are inconsistencies in Jon's story, and there is NO corroboration. The meanness goes both ways when those who are innocent are falsely accused. It is fair and absolutely necessary to bring this up.

Ken W

Nathan, they have also fairly reported on the statutory rape cases covered up by Planned Parenthood.

^^more sarcasm in the extreme^^


I was of the opinion that the Star didn't allow comments on these articles because people get to mean and personal. Some posters blame the victim. I don't see it as censorship, just good taste.


The Star is very fair on this topic. They have equally covered in this section the flurry of rapes, assaults, peepings, etc. perpetrated by Teachers/Principals on underage students.

^^sarcasm in the extreme^^


Ah, the star is censoring these posts I see.


Lets get Rachel Townsend in office. There is a real prosecutor.


By the way, is Jean Peters Baker of the opinion that she is making a big name for herself?


Judy Thomas is a member of the First United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood.

A huge mega church. She was key in producing the articles that help bring donw Jerry Johnston, the leader of the other Mega Church in the area.

Not that Judy's church has not had their problems...in the summer of 2009 two of their married pastors were exposed as having sex with each other.

Not that theres is anything wrong with that.

Except that they weren't married to each other.

Now one of the pastors is a member of a local Atheist group.

Go figure.

Ken W

Otto, what the writers of the Star do not understand is that with the words that they use, they may as well be trying to smash Mt. Everest with rubber mallets.

I do not mind that the Star prints an article every week on the subject, I think the subject is worthy of frank and open discussion. What troubles me is that both the Star and SNAP censor dissenting opinion, as evidenced by the Star's not allowing comments on the Judy Thomas articles, nor allowing differing opeds to be published, even in the context of a paid advertisement.

That is blatant censorship. There are very real and relevant details that the Star and SNAP leave out, and those details deserve to be voiced.

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