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December 31, 2011

Land abused in Kansas

Driving through the Great High Plains from western Kansas through other states, one mostly sees more nothing than something.

Land there is still recovering from the human destruction of the 1920s and 1930s. It was originally fertile and grew great quantities of wheat to feed the country and the world. Now it is crippled, with little farming and few people.

In an effort to settle immigrants who knew how to farm, grants of land were given out during the early 1900s. Acres were plowed, and so much wheat was grown that the price fell to almost nothing. Many left, but the plowed grasslands were changed.

If one ever has doubt that we can affect the weather and the soil, or the land’s ability to grow crops for food, take a look at the Dust Bowl days. Prairie dust blew as far east as the White House.

Twenty million acres today are some of the sources for land subsidies to discourage farming. The lands are managed to keep soil from blowing, but these lands will never be the same. So if you doubt that humans can really affect the climate and the environment, remember the dust bowl.

Roberta A. Eveslage



Best to drain it before Keystone pollutes it, eh Bigvarmit?


Yes and remember it takes water to build up the land. In western Kansas they don't have water. They are draining the aquifer and then they will not farm at all.

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