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December 31, 2011

Occupiers’ damage

I read recently that the “occupiers” in the Occupy Wall Street movement aren’t doing any harm. I cannot believe that tents sitting on grass won’t kill the grass. I am sure that someone will have to pay for it to be replaced. The taxpayers will be on the hook.

The parks department isn’t charging them $125 per day, which I was told everyone has to pay. When I ask why they didn’t have to pay I was told: “This is different. They are doing it all over the country.”

I guess murder and rape aren’t illegal as long as everyone is doing it all over the country.

Richard Minear
Kansas City




MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Wash. -- A U.S. Forest Service ranger was fatally shot Sunday at Mount Rainier National Park, prompting officials to close the park as they searched for a man carrying a long rifle.


But thank goodness we can finally now carry arms in federal parks after being denied that right for 100 years. Now that we're free to carry in the park we're finally safe from all those crazy people with guns.


Yes, what's a few $trillion in financial crimes (or murders and rapes) compared to some dead grass.

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