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December 31, 2011

Security love at KCI

A company surveyed people as to whether they’d rather fly to a destination for a conference or attend a “virtual conference” over the Internet. One of the reasons given for not wanting to travel to a city by 40.9 percent of those surveyed said that security lines were the worst aspect of flying.

Blessed are we at Kansas City International that we don’t have long security lines. Travelers like that aspect, too.

Craig Paul



And for goodness sakes, if she tries to rent a U-haul truck and seems to be purchasing unusually large quantities of diesel fuel and fertilizer, don't buy into her story about starting a backyard farm!!!


Hahaha, whispering! :) Just a random thought that popped into my mind a few years ago as I was standing in a crowd of people waiting our turn to be scanned. You don't want to know what I've thought up while I'm circling the terminals waiting to pick up my husband. :)

Happy new year!


Note to DHS/TSA: keep an eye on "Kate". Let's make sure those aren't more than cookies she's baking up.


I've always thought the security check waiting lines at large airports would be the best spots for setting off an explosive device. It would immediately affect more people than setting one off inside a plane, and the resulting unease would be much greater than a single plane incident could create.

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