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December 31, 2011

Self-righteous blather

The liberals are self righteous? Please.

It is possible there is a surfeit of self-righteousness bleating these days, with plenty to go around. But let’s consider that it wasn’t liberal party leaders who said, repeatedly in effect, “We will be the party of no,” and “Our No. 1 priority is to make certain Obama fails.”

I think any conservative would blush to accuse the other side of the aisle of being the self-righteous ones, given that particular history.

Kathryn Moore
Manhattan, Kan.



Bigvarmit, talking about up-or-down votes is pretty ballsy considering Boehner's little game of brinkmanship last week.

Steve Johnston

I am a Republican, who is ashamed of the Republican Party for declaring a coup against the elected President of the United States. How dare you turn your backs on the USA in our hours of need. How power-mad you must be to assume that any elected President has so much power that you must "run him out of town" to preserve your self serving interests.


When Kathryn says somebody made statements "in effect," it means that nobody actually said those things. In effect, Kathryn is warning us that what follows is a lie.


Republicons are, by nature, bleaters.


Yes big...the Republican's "know" that they can count on the red state yahoos to vote against their best interests every single timne.


No it was the Democratic party that passed Obama care and now you will lose your insurance. They will take 500 billion out of Medicare and put it in Medicaid. The Democrats and Obama won't allow job bills to be voted on up or down in the Senate. They are they party of no. Republicians are the party of know.

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