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January 09, 2012

Republican lies exposed

Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Republican columnists reiterate the same views:

• The stimulus program was a failure and didn’t create any jobs. The truth authenticated by the government was it created or saved almost 3 million jobs besides allocating money to the states to balance their budgets.
• The wealthy are the job creators. The fact is “trickle-down economics” has proven to be a failure. The rich just reinvest their money.
• The Republicans want to reduce taxes on the wealthy to create jobs. Companies only hire if they have increased customers.

People only buy if they have money and jobs. Only more government stimulus like Obama’s job program that the GOP filibustered and funded by increased taxes on the super rich will create jobs.

Carl Galler



"How many people have every gotten a job from a poor man?"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this moronic statement, or something similar, from the selfish conservatives both here and and elsewhere. You guys really want an answer?


Why is that you ask, if you have half a brain? The answer is that unless your job caters only to those you don't consider poor (pick your mark), then your poor customers have in fact provided you with a job. The "poor" spend all of what they make, which is a sharp contrast to the companies and "job creators" who are hoarding record amounts of money. Without the expenditures of the poor, there would be no need for your services.

So continue your pathetic attempts justifying your own selfishness and greed. I'm pretty sure we all know what your spewing, and it most certain isn't intelligence nor the truth.


How many of you people bashing Bush have worked for a poor man? How do you count saved jobs? You can come up with any numbers you want, but how do you prove it? Tne only jobbs that Obama has created are govenment jobs. He keeps adding more all of the time. It is bad enough that Obama won't take the blame for anything he has done, now you are to. THe only reason that the unemployment numbers came down was part time jobs. Wait until February jobs are reported. I am sure the part time people will be out of the picture.


Kem,what is your source,the heritage foundation? Where did this 300,000 per job come from? Are you not concerned about the cost of the bush tax cuts. 1.7 trillion dollars and 2 million jobs comes to over 800,000 per job


fanoftravel, Obama said we had to pass his stimulus immediately because it was what we needed. What happened was that we spent (optimistically) almost $300,000 per job. You think that is a good deal?


Oops Do da math


Kem According to the Wall Street Journal,1/3 of the stimulus was tax cuts, an additional 100 to 150 billion hasn't been used. The bush regimes tax cuts thur 2008 added to the deficit 1.7 trillion dollars,according to politfact while adding a net of 2 million jobs. Do the msth


Carl, I can finally respond now that I have quit laughing. The government verified that 3 million job number, huh? That's funny. Who do you think reported that? Yeah, the West Wing.

And besides, can't you do math? Let't take your number...the 3 million jobs. Divide that into the 880 Billion Obama spent to "stimulate" the economy. That comes to just under $300,000 per job. Wow. And that, Carl, is why this country is up to our eyeballs in debt.

Mark Robertson

Carl says that the wealthy don't create jobs, they just invest their money. What does he think investment does? And Carl, supply side economics("trickle down") has actually worked every time it has been tried in the U.S. The 20s, 40s after W II, 60s, 80s and as Groenhagen points out, in the early 2000s with the Bush tax cuts. Thank you.

Mark Robertson


One question JDog the first bush tax was in 2001,how much longer are we going to have to wait before "job creators" you know create jobs?


Yeah, let the Super Rich pay for everything.

Maybe we could start this trend in LEAWOOD, KANSAS!!!


Groenhegan,again with your same old lines. 1st off an economic adviser prior to Obama even being sworn in made the comment about the 8%,perhaps Obama should have used the gopers line,"not meant to be a factual statement."
You use the word fudging on the 8.5%,but to you there was no fudging on the "over 10%." You state that the stimilus was a failure,based on what,john boehner,mcconnell or the lamestream media. here's a link that questions your claim http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1111/68965.html
Next,your often repeated claim that the bush regime created 8 million jobs,they may have,but after his 8 years there was a net gain of around 2 million jobs. Heck,Jimmy Carter saw an increase of 10 million jobs in only 4 years.
Your right about the 5%,in Jan 2008,but when
we finally got rid of shrub(Molly Ivins)Jan 20 2009 that rate was around 7.7% and falling fast. I'm sure a 1 year drop of 2.7% in the unemployment record is a modern day record.
Next just to show how out-of-touch mitt "the flip,the corp. are people,"romney is,when asked about the new jobs report,he said"that no cause for celebration." He reeks of smugness!!
Finally Mr. Galler is getting his lines from a "proven lying." Let me guess your sources are steve,brian and gretchen(fox&fools)oxytocin rush,sean ,the beckerhead,michele malkin(has anyone seen her birth certificate)ann coulter,the heritage foundation,the blaze, fox nation,the cato institute and billy o.


Leawood. 'Nuff said. (Wow, this is kind of fun. No thinking necessary.)


The so-called stimulus was a failure by the Obama admin's our standard. They told us that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. Instead it went over 10% and, even after fudging the numbers, it currently stands at 8.5%.

If the wealthy are not job creators, who are? How many of us have been hired by a poor person?

The Bush-era tax cuts were followed by 52 consecutive months of job creation (a record), the creation of more than 8 million jobs, and an unemployment rate below 5%.

Mr. Galler, please be careful when you get your information from Media Matters. Its CEO and president is an admitted and proven lying.

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