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February 20, 2012

End Afghanistan war

I am concerned about President Barack Obama’s decision to send more and more troops to Afghanistan. I think we are losing more men, women and money by staying.

For as long as we have been in that area of the world I believe that we have put our foot down hard enough to drive Taliban and al-Qaida fighters back to Pakistan. Expansion of the war will just cost us more money than we had ever planned to spend on the war.

I feel that we should bring our family members home.

Grace Constance Hoover

Overland Park





Although I agree we should bring our troops home. (We will need them here) I want to give warning to everyone to educate themselves about Islam. That education will bring to light the actions of most Islamic states and actors.


Afghanistan is as good a place as any to stage our next war in Iran from. Isn't that reason enough to stay? Forever?


...."drive Taliban and al-Qaida fighters back to Pakistan"..."bring our family members home"....

.....Grace might not understand what we're doing over there(and to be fair, who does?), but it is hard to disagree with her conclusion....

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