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February 29, 2012

Paying for college

Regarding some people’s suggestion that students pay as they go through college, I would point out that was much easier to do 30 years ago. College costs have increased much faster than inflation, and minimum wage hasn’t kept up.

Even at a public university, most students would have to have a job that pays more than $25,000 a year to net enough to “pay as you go” for tuition, housing, books, fees, food, transportation and incidentals.

With unemployment rates stuck around 9 percent, how feasible is that?

Mary Hutchison

Kansas City



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The government encourages the cost of tuition to rise by pushing programs that take money from workers and give it to students, allowing colleges to increase tuition as the handouts increase.

Now the government could promote programs that encourage fiscal responsibility within the public system, but that wouldn't sound as good during election cycles.

Giving someone money gets you votes. Pushing public organizations to be responsible doesn't.


Mary - Consider that it is gov't aid that has driven up the cost of tuition. Also, consider that it is the minimum wage that has contributed to high unemployment, especially among younger, lower skilled workers.

Also, consider that you don't have to go to school full-time.

Get gov't out of the way and things work better.


...Yes, college tuition is rising...Is Mary part of the OWS crowd who believe our federal government should pay for her college education?...

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