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February 16, 2012

Pipeline good for U.S.

President Barack Obama has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline costing the United States a real shot at energy independence and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Bowing to extremist environmental pressure groups, he vetoed the project, saying it needs more review — after years of study by the U.S. government. What he means is he wants to wait until after the election.

Half of our oil from Canada — one-eighth of our total oil imports — would have flowed through this pipeline.

We could replace oil from places such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Russia with friendly oil from Canada had Obama said yes. House Speaker John Boehner says, “This fight is not over.”

Larry and Cynthia McCallister
Overland Park



A huge oil pipeline running over the Oglala seriously worries me. This along with the fact that many Canadians are fighting tooth and toenail to keep the pipeline from running across their country suggests to me that major caution is in order.


glasscutter....it doesn't matter how many jobs there will be. This isn't a jobs bill. However, there will be jobs generated. Good paying, private sector, tax paying jobs, employed by tax paying private sector companies. What's not to like about that?

And are you trying to bring some revolutionary thought to the debate by pointing out the oil will go into the world market and not be sold at a discount to the US Midwest? Where did you get this discount crap? There is a world market for oil which is skewed by the countries who are members of OPEC. Any oil we can receive from friendly countries only helps our security. Will it make us perfectly safe? Of course not. No one has said that. But you used it as a reason to not do it. Wow. Now that is some solid thinking.

And as far as your picks and shovels comment. It was Obama who gained votes in the last election by proclaiming that he had a lot of "shovel ready" projects to get America working again. Of course, he know says that was all a lie. Either that, or he was woefully misinformed. But now he sees a project that is truly shovel ready, and would not take any taxpayer money to execute, and he says no. All for political reasons.

You say it will be built sooner than later. Then why can't Obama say that? Ohhhh, because he is beholden to the greens even more so than he is beholden to the unions. That's a pretty tight hold the greens have.


whispering...you yourself said Obama is playing cards. Yes,the Republicans are trying to get a pipeline built. Will they make a political point by doing so? Yeah, but only because Obama made this a political game by sitting down at the poker table, as you so aptly pointed out.

Thanks once again for illuminating the public on the fact that Obama is playing cards while others are trying to get something done.


The pipeline will eventually be built, sooner than later. But why do people think it somehow brings energy independence from the Mideast. The oil be piped across our country, refined in the Gulf area and then sold on the world market, not just to Americans at a discounted rate. And these astronomical job numbers that the pipeline will supposedly create are crazy. With the equipment and technology of today how many people will it really take to build it? Not as many as the politicians want us to think. There isn't going to be 5000 men out there with picks and shovels. I wonder where the pipe will be made. I hope here in the US.


"... Republicans are trying to get a pipeline built ..."

No, they were trying to make it an election issue. They failed.

Keystone is following the same approval path the Trans-Alaska pipeline followed in the 60s-70s.


moje....why would you say that residents all along the pipeline are violently opposing the pipeline? They aren't. Why would you say something that's not true?


whispering....why is it slimy for the Republicans to want the decision to be made when it should be made? All the facts have been there for some time. We are ticking off our largest trading partner to the North. We are costing lots of people money, on both sides of the border.

You say the pipeline will be built, which means that you are saying Obama will approve the pipeline after the election.

You reduce our country's international relations, energy policy and economic policy to a stupid card game Obama is playing. How reprehensible to be playing cards with the nation's issues.

Whispering, thanks for clarifying for everyone that the Republicans are trying to get a pipeline built that should be built while Obama is playing political cards. Actually, you explained that pretty well. Thanks.


Local residents, all along the pipeline's route violently oppose the construction. Yes it is deslolate country, but the farmers, cattle ranchers, and small towns along the proposed route don't trust the oil companies' ability to control leakage. And one more thing...they are all staunch Republicans who won't vote for Obama, regardless. This is a curious conundrum.


You crazy Big Daddy. The house had a hearing on contraceptives yesterday that featured an all-male panel. That picture is going to resonate through November, especially if Santorum is your candidate. Republicans can't seem to help themselves when it comes to jumping on women('s health), and looking like controlling patriarchs.

Big Daddy

With his failure on the pipeline and the latest debacle with the catholic church, Obama is quickly turning his re-election chances into a real crapshoot. Where is Rham when you really need him?!?


......"friendly oil"..........


Obama didn't reject the pipeline. He only rejected a slimy GOP maneuver to move up the application decision deadline and force his hand on it pre-election.

Obama is not someone you want to play cards with.

The pipeline will be built.

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