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February 29, 2012

Re-elect Barack Obama

This is for those people who have forgotten the big mess that President George W. Bush left. Barack Obama’s worst day as president cannot hold a candle to what Bush did to this country.

Re-elect Barack Obama. He will be cleaning up the Bush mess for the next four years to come.

Let’s do what is best for the common good.

Renata J. Beaudoin





Renata, have you been in a cave? 3++ years into the administration and we are still being reminded on a regular basis that it is all Bush' fault.

IF only you had some sort of record to run on for the current pres. you might not need to continue to try to run against Bush!


Here's the gopers dilemma,they have gone from anyone but mitt,to crap we might be stuck with mitt!! http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/bl-mitt-romney-cartoons.htm?PS=785%3A2
Why would the Gas&Oil Party vote down Rep Ed Markey's Keystone XL Amendment?? http://www.topix.com/forum/city/dunkirk-ny/TQ76K32CFGGRT8PBM

a ruskin fence on every school campus

Re - elect Obama, my Yokohama Momma.

For what, the ongoing misadminstration of George W?????

December 2012: Opeach Obama!


If we were to believe that "President George W. Bush" is solely responsible for the "mess" we have then I would ask one simple question of Renata; How do you like the job O has done so far? Many would agree he hasn't done so well.


Well there you go; Elect Obama because he's better than Bush! If ever there was a more educated reason for re-electing Obama!

Now if Bush was running for President, I might understand, but in the Republican primaries, to date, I have not seen W's name on any of the ballots!

Some people just need to stay away from a pen and paper.

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