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March 26, 2012

Alzheimer’s great pain

Twila, my wife of 66 years, now has had Alzheimer’s disease for more than 1½ years. I see this terrible Alzheimer’s as an unstoppable and saddening progression that slowly destroys the mind, a mind that once brought excitement, joy and strength to many others as a teacher and intelligent and caring conversant.

Recently I was introduced to what was for me an unknown and horrible side of Alzheimer’s disease. It caused me to cry uncontrollably.

Those in the know who are experienced with Alzheimer’s disease call it “sundowning.”

I was sitting next to my Twila with many others at the dinner table when suddenly Twila started to yell out: “Where is Doug? I want Doug! Bring Doug to me! I want Douglas!”

All were startled — no control was possible, and after minutes of these terrible outbursts, Twila was moved to another room, still yelling. I was taken crying to another room.

I have since learned that the late afternoon and evening hours affect the mind of people with Alzheimer’s in this fashion. Please encourage scientists to keep seeking a cure for this terrible disease.

Doug Sutherland





The lying one wrote in typical lying one fashion>>>>"Reagan was impaired by the end of his first term."

Maybe, but he was aware still that you cannot eat at a cafe in the 1980's that closed down in the 1970's!
You would think you would have had enough brain power to read the rest of the article you copied that day.


Alzheimer's is an awful disease. The body outlives the brain. Personally, I think it's easier confronting physical deterioration than it is dealing with something as intangible as a fading mind. Time is precious, so do what you can when you can. And ignore the naturopaths.


That's a pretty good spin on things Whispering...

Reagan left office in 1989...No sense of going back and forth on this issue since doctors didn't confirm the disease until 1994...while shortly after, the former president disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease earlier in the year; he died ten years later at the age of 93...( seems your theory of a lingering death shows that it indeed was...)

btw - Your memories of gaps in his speeches is no more proof than listening to Obama without his teleprompter...and your spin of restricting funds for Alzheimer's research is a blatant lie...Might want to thank Nancy Reagan, who is a big supporter of research to make this disease a thing of the past...


Reagan was impaired by the end of his first term. It was especially clear in the '84 election. Alzheimers doesn't just suddenly trigger, it sneaks up on you over several years and the fact that Reagan quickly disappeared into retirement says a lot about when the impairment began.

Reagan, in his typical Republican "less government is good government except for more defense spending" zeal meant he was cutting funding for research that not only would have done people like Doug/Twila a lot of good but ultimately even himself. That mindset continues today, kept alive by the same regulars in even this modest place that are quick to call others "crass" while they have denied Doug/Twila the help they need.


Thanks LL, I do consider the source. The anger for him was short lived. God has done way too many good things for me to worry about whisp for very long.


It is debatable at the least that Reagan had Alzheimer’s while president, Whispering (as sources vary )....However, this fact has little to nothing to do with the pain Mr. Sutherland and Zeno have had to deal with....

What a shame...whispering, true to form, will never apologize for cruel and unfair judgements...particularly relating to Alzheimer’s...Understanding his/her love for stirring the pot is no reason to disparage those of us who have lived with this terrible disease...

Try to just consider the source Zeno...Have a good day.


I guess we all should expect this from you, and we do.
I was determined to forgive you if you were sorry for your crass comments.
it may be that you really just are mentally challenged and do not understand your actions.
Go have lunch at the booga bottom cafe and eat like a farmhand


"... if he had shown up magically somehow when i read his post it might have been ugly. ..."

Nice to see you remain in character.

I'd forgotten about Charlie Heston. Of course, he didn't have his finger on the nukular button while he was having his moments and he didn't have legions of supporters telling us "everything is fine, nothing is wrong".

T. Hanson



I know you have been through it also Sol. This is not his first post of this nature from him on this subject.
I never pretend to be a tough guy nor play one on TV, but if he had shown up magically somehow when i read his post it might have been ugly.


...zeno...you are accurate in your criticism of the whisperer today...I had not read his post until after reading yours....never fodder for humor, anyone who has had to experience what Doug is going through understands "loss" on a terrible scale...This goes into the category that holds rape, genocide and abortion....


Whispering appears to have an agenda of mentioning President Reagan whenever the topic of Alzheimer’s disease is discussed...or other republicans such as Charlton Heston due to his involvement with the NRA....only because they too, suffered from this devastating disease and also happen to be republicans...

It is ALWAYS in poor taste...Perhaps Whispering (so far) has been blessed not to have to live with a loved one having this disease...

My sympathies for your father Zeno, as well as everyone else who has had to deal with a loved one suffering from this horrible disease....


"For example, when Reagan famously said...." Ah, it makes one long for the days when newspapers would honestly report a President's remarks into an open mic. Or maybe they only do that with Republican presidents.


Leave it to whispering to take something this serious and devastating to make light of it. He may one day have the opportunity to deal with a horrible disease and then someone too may make light of it.

Please get back on your drugs...


As I sit here at work nearly crying over this letter thinking of my dad and how one day he started crying out for my mom who died 7 years earlier.

But the lying one thinks this is something to poke fun at.

And Sol wonders why I pick on this punk.

Sarah Henderson

I agree with SHarlene..High intake of Omega 3 would surely help in the progression of the disease.... Also I prefer only vegetarian source of omega 3..as dosage is less and free of pollutants... V-mega3 is good out there!

Sharlene Spalding

As former primary caregiver two parents with alzheimers that lived with me, I can tell you it is not such a linear down hill progression. There are many good days in front of you.
Suggestions, Keep her off antipsychotics, no matter what the doctors say. Look into a highly concentrated nutritional program. Vit D and a high quality omega 3 oil a must.. Get to the alzheimers reading room website. my website. http://thevillagenaturopath.com
You can do this. contact me sometime and don't be so sad. It is not that bad. It's not.


We're all lucky that Ronald Reagan didn't have many of these sundowner episodes while he was winding down his years in the White House and that when he did aids were close by to quickly stop the episodes from getting out of control.

For example, when Reagan famously said, "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes" it was only the fast action of Casper Weinberger that brought the B-52s back to base before things got really out of hand.

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