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March 19, 2012

Refocusing Catholics

Catholics who are upset about all the negative news about the Catholic Church that has appeared in The Star have a right to be angry. But their anger is misplaced when they blame The Star as some letter writers have.

Catholics should be mad as hell at the hierarchy of our church, the bishops and priests who have betrayed the trust placed in them by God and by us. They clearly value the cult of the priesthood much more than the welfare of the children and the adults they are charged with shepherding.

As a lifelong Catholic and member of a family that has sent five generations of children to Catholic schools in this country, I am sick every time I read another story about priest child abusers and bishops who protect the abusers and scorn the abused.

Blaming the newspaper isn’t going to make this problem go away. Demanding accountability and forcing resignations of the offending bishops and priests should be the focus of every American Catholic.

George Koppe

Kansas City





So, your claim is that "SNAP" somehow controls the Star? Or that the Catholic Church's innocence is proven because this "SNAP" operation appears to be charlitans?

Mark Robertson

Good point Mike. SNAP's director, David Clohessy, in a court ordered deposition, admitted that SNAP has published false information, amid accusations that SNAP had printed restricted information in a press release. He also refused to respond to questions about how he has been able to publicly post lawsuit information on SNAP's website before it was filed with the courts. (The Catholic Key, 3-16-12, SNAP Director admits to publishing false information, by Michelle Bauman, Catholic News Agency)
It seems obvious that George's letter is about trying(though weakly) to direct attention away from the damning story about Clohessy and SNAP. Why else would he all of the sudden write a letter on a topic that is many months old? So transparent. There is panic at SNAP Thank you.

Mark Robertson


drip, drip, drip, the saga of snap continues! wonder why this story didn't run in the Star?

Bernard Long

Most remaining Catholics don't know the difference between worshipping God and worshipping bishops, so they worship and defend bishops like Finn who are clearly hiding known pedophiles.

If you think he isn't hiding a bunch of others, you're crazy. The Catholic church has "secret archives", and the FBI should go in and take them and find the other pedophile priests that Finn is hiding, although if he keeps spending $200,000 a month in attorney's fees, its going to be tough.

However, Catholics will pay the attorney's fees to protect their false idols, when they should realize that they are paying to protect a pedophile protector who is doing the exact opposite of What Jesus Would Do.


According to Rick Santorum, the blame for all this Catholic abuse stuff should be placed where it belongs ... on gay people.

Identifying the guilty parties is the first step in the healing process.

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