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March 25, 2012

Strings on Koch cash

I note that the Koch brothers like to portray themselves as outstanding citizens who are often the victims of unfair attacks. As an alumnus of Florida State University, I recently became aware that the Koch Foundation has donated money to the University’s Economics Department. In return the foundation has influence over which professors are hired and what is taught within the department.

I was shocked, disappointed and embarrassed that my school would place its integrity and academic freedom for sale.

I know the Koch Foundation donates money to numerous universities. I wonder what strings are attached to all these donations. My opinion of Florida State has taken a major hit. My opinion of the Koch brothers remains unchanged.

Dean Askeland






Jim50 please tell us of the hundreds of millions of dollars that George Soros is spending,where is it going?? I don't hear his name mentioned


I'm sure George Soros donates all of his money without strings.




Sorry Gringo...I was following the conversation instead of the letter...evidently colleges act like politicians when it comes to big donated bucks...and possibly the money may go to special causes...but in Florida, to the University’s Economics Department...hmmmmm...Perhaps they'd like to teach liberal students how to make & balance a budget... :)

BTW - all of the money from the teachers unions goes to democrats, so it definitely goes both ways....


I thought the topic was a big money interest buying control over hiring and curriculum at a major university. Suddenly it's not about that at all. Instead it's about bundlers, it's about the affordable care act, it's about Michael Moore, it's all somehow about Obama, liberals, everyone except the Koch Brothers or any other big money interest.

Wow, somehow every topic here ends up being about anyone other than the folks the righties like. What a surprise.


FOT....Phantom, JDog & STY have it right...Thinking the Obama administration does things any differently is very naive of you....

Obama campaigned on what he called “the most sweeping ethics reform in history” and has frequently criticized the role of money in politics....of course all his talk didn't stop him from offering government jobs to some of his biggest bundlers. More than half of Obama’s 47 biggest fundraisers, those who collected at least $500,000 for his campaign, have been given administration jobs. Nine more have been appointed to presidential boards and committees.

At least 24 Obama bundlers were given posts as foreign ambassadors, including in Finland, Australia, Portugal and Luxembourg...

Obama hired bundler Steve Spinner as a liaison in the Energy Department...Spinner pressed for staff members to finalize a government loan for Solyndra...and you know what a waste of money that was....

Attorney General Eric Holder was a bundler as was Julius Genachowski the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, who raised at least half a million dollars....(Published March 7, 2012 - Washington Post)

...Seems ALL of Obama's talk of ethics reform was bunk!!! It's all just business as usual for all politicians....

Smarter Than You

You're still not faring well with your childish approach, FOT. I'll bow out gracefully because otherwise you'll just keep posting that "it's only a flesh wound."


STY (how appropiate) no one cares about your petty little opinions,you just don't get it!! The topic was about the coke bros,trying to buy or influence America,too tough for you to grasp!!

Smarter Than You

Trying to hijack another post, childish rants and a day late and dollar short with anything approaching factual. And after I asked nicely for you to not be, well, you, FOT.

The topic here is the Koch donation to FSU. I'll be happy to address the flaws in the CBO report as evidenced by the review of the Social Security oversite board and the false assumptions utilized on long term cost by the CBO on an Obamacare letter.

Try to be better. Or at least topical.


To STY AKA More condescending than anyone,I responded to your inane dribble from yesterday,and again you failed in your lame post . Not too surprising however!!! And the court rulings,there have been as many or more court rulings upholding the healthcare act. But your to narrow minded and blind to see or admit that!!!
Here's a recent CBO report stating that the federal deficit would rise 145 billion dollars over the next decade,if the law is struck down. But unless you hear it from The Five or Fox and Friends it's not valid to you!!

Smarter Than You

FSU hired two faculty members under the Koch donation according to the Tampa Bay Times 7/16/11. Those two are really going to control the department. As JDog pointed out and the President of FSU stated “Every donor out there wants to make sure their money is used the way they've intended" (same source). Every donor.

Just another case of Obama apologists wanting to keep this election cycle about anything but Obama's record.

Loved the link, FOT. The headline was priceless, "savage assault on democracy!" Tying it to voter ID laws was particularly inspired. If only the author was informed enough to have read and incorporated the court rulings...you remember those, the one's you moaned about never being offered that were later documented to be in the same blog you posted on 30 minutes later? (just a statement of fact, FOT. I hope you won’t respond with something childish; you haven’t fared well with that approach either).


Like micheal moore going to raise 250 million like karl rove!!


Singling out the Koch brothers is like poking one's eye out and screaming "I'm blind".

Whether it is the Koch brothers, Michael Moore or George Soro's, the influence of money is everywhere.

Dean, wake up, it's not just the Koch brothers or Republicans.


I'd be willing to bet the Kochs aren't the only donors asking for something in exchange for a sizeable donation.

An idea that is understandble, but one that I object to nonetheless.


Dean,I'm sure you do not need any further info on these guy's and how they are trying to buy and shape America,but here's another effort,their propping up governor scott walker of Wisc. Here's a link that shows their efforts to buy and control state legislators,and getting them to change voter ID laws http://www.nationofchange.org/koch-brothers-alec-and-savage-assault-democracy-1323529391

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