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March 14, 2012

Suppressing comic strips

The Star is placing this week’s Doonesbury comic strips in the Opinion section because of their content. If the paper is going to be relegating controversial matter to an editorial Siberia, at least it should be honest and consistent about it.

The Prickly City “comic strip” is thinly disguised right-wing propaganda that could have been written by the Republican National Committee. When is The Star going to have the honesty to similarly suppress it?

Sean Santoro

Bonner Springs





Anyone else find it funny how in Texas, the GOP passes this using "informed consent" as their justification, while just a few states over they've passed (or are at least pushing) a law eliminating that same "informed consent" requirement?


I'll hug them for the both of us. And thank my lucky stars.


I think we've found some common ground. I have a story about this, but this isn't the place or the time.

Goodnight, gg. Hug your children for me.


This is a heartbreaking read. However, if you want all the views, this is an important one: http://www.texasobserver.org/cover-story/the-right-not-to-know


Oh the bringing children...that honestly breaks my heart.

I wish there were better options. I wish the woman didn't have sex for whatever reason. Now she has kids she already can't afford, can't have another, can't afford a sitter, but can't bring her kids to the clinic. Bringing the kids to the clinic - for it to be a rule, it must happen a lot, right? I hate it. I hate abortion, I hate that women are in the situation where they have put themselves in a corner, I hate the men that won't support them. I hate the government that seems to be blind to whatever predicament a woman is in and condescends to her. Sigh. Hate the whole bleedin' thing.


From the VA Beach PP website:

"The following will be completed at the consultation appointment:

urine pregnancy test vaginal ultrasound pelvic exam discussion of the risks, benefits, alternatives, and a step-by-step review of what to expect during and after the procedure discussion of post abortion birth control options"


gg, from their website:

Other Abortion Services Information

Please do not bring children with you to the health center.

If you take any medications, please continue to take these medications normally before your appointment.

During your visit, you may be given the following:

a pregnancy test
a chance to speak with a trained staff person about all of your choices: abortion, adoption, and parenting
a conversation with the health care provider about your health history
lab tests/blood work
a pelvic exam
an ultrasound
medications to make the abortion more comfortable
medication if you are Rh negative
antibiotics or other medications
birth control information
a birth control method
At times there may be protesters outside of the health center. We suggest you avoid interaction with them.

How ironic that they request children not be brought to the clinic . . .


Oh heavens, Kate. Looking at the website I can't even find a "hotline". That's how credible your source is. You call the imaginary "hotline" and see what you hear. I'm guessing it will be the ocean.


gg, Va PP's hotline's recorded message:

"Medical abortions generally require three visits. At the first visit, we do a health assessment, perform all the necessary lab work, and do an ultrasound. This visit takes about an hour. At the second visit, the physician gives the first pill and directions for taking two more pills at home. The third visit is required during which you will have an exam and another ultrasound.” http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2012/02/21/ultrasounds-va-planned-parenthood-abortion-procedure/

If you doubt the source, you could always call the hotline to confirm this is their procedure.

I guess calling ultrasounds "rape" is the latest talking point. As long as hyperbole is going to be used, I'll refer to it as "giving the condemned one final appeal."


LL, after giving up searching for the comic on the Star website, I found it elsewhere and I must say I agree with you 100% when you say "The Doonesbury comic was so disgusting today that the only place for it was on the opinion page."

The fact that any state would authorize the rape of a woman who is trying to receive a 100% legal medical procedure from a licensed medical provider makes my stomach turn. DOWN WITH BIG GOVERNMENT, AND VOTE THE BUMS WHO PUSHED THAT THROUGH OUT!!!

Glad to see we're on the same page when it comes to the important stuff.


Consent is spin, outright lies are okay. Got it.


Kate...The attached site shows some of the papers refusing to run the comic strip or at least run it on the opinion page...


....and David, If you still can't see why some find the strip disgusting...you must be in the minority.....

Smarter Than You

For everything

spin, spin, spin

GG has a reason

spin, spin, spin

(apologies to Pete Seeger; and to GG for referencing Ecclesiastes knowing how anti-bible the left is)


Papers are already censoring this week. Guess they can't handle the rape with a foreign object. BTW, "ten inch wand of shame" although graphic, is accurate, much more so than any republican would like to think.

BTW, as always, I try to investigate claims of the rabid right. The claim that PP already does the ultrasound is corroborated by no one. However, this all comes down to consent. If the doctor deems the ultrasound the safest for the woman, most would take that medical advice. If the ultrasound is forced by the state - well forced or consent, that would be the definition of rape, right?


LL, what happens next week that makes the papers not want to run the series? I can't imagine how Trudeau is going to end this series gracefully.


Most Planned Parenthoods in VA already use the ultrasound procedure in question. I would think PP would have had their TX offices operate the same way - which means they were doing it already. The only difference is that they'll be showing the screen to the moms. I thought pro-choice people used to want abortion to be safe, legal and rare. If informed consent helps lower the abortion rate, isn't that what everyone wants?


I guess you missed the gist of things David..."graphic imagery"....but then maybe you have no imagination...

Already a handful of newspapers say they won't run next week's series, while several others said the strips will move from the comics to opinion pages or websites only. Many already publish the strip by cartoonist Garry Trudeau, whose sarcastic swipes at society's foibles have a history of giving headaches to newspaper editors, on editorial pages...

IMO Doonesbury should always be in the opinion section.....

and Gary...it must of been Kevin the rabbit today...he must be debating about dropping out of the race in Guam.... I prefer Al Capp and Walt Kelly too...much better at debating BOTH sides of the issues..... :)

gg...one more reason to stay out of Texas


The abortion industry cannot stand for fully informed consent being enforced in abortion mills, because nearly all the mothers would then decline to contract the mangling, dismembering, poisoning, or beheading of their baby, and keep their hard cash.


LL, Star subscriber here. Still waiting for what's disgusting about the comic.


Trudeau is talking about Texas, which has the law in place. I get it if it's too hard for republicans to face up to what they are doing to women.

Transvaginal ultrasounds are used for ovarian cancer, but with pregnancy, the fetus can only be seen with a transvaginal ultrasound up until week 8 or so. A regular ultrasound doesn't work. Hence if a state has a law that forces a woman to view an ultrasound before she has an abortion and is in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, the only way to do it is transvaginally.

Republicans think it is just fine for the government to force women to be penetrated, view their ultrasounds, and be forced to wait another day for a procedure. It's their small government point of view. Trudeau is doing a great service to bring this issue to light.

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