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March 14, 2012

Tea partiers cash in

Vicky Hartzler was elected to the U.S. House along with many other tea partiers in 2010. Their goal, they told us, was to cut spending and taxes and reduce the deficit. We are now learning these efforts will be achieved by cutting services to the least fortunate among us.

Rep. Hartzler is worth between $3.2 million and $15 million. She also has received $774,489 in federal crop subsidies. This is a good example of people like her accepting government money to enrich themselves but willing to balance the budget at the expense of others.

Roy Smith






It's $20-25K per year since the Tea Party evolved, which was the basis of the letter.


"... And if $20-25k per year in subsidies is a make or break deal then maybe you should run against her. ..."

It's actually $47,000/year in subsidies.

It's not about the money. It's about the hypocrisy.

Remember the Jungerman controversy from a couple of years ago? He had a sign along 71 in Bates County calling Democrats parasites and welfare queens while GOPers were the real producers.


He's at #9 for Bates County.

Smarter Than You

Barack Obama (d-Il) demands the rich "like me" need to pay more. Gave 1% of his income to charity.

Farm subsidies are available to farmers of all political bents. I have zero problem with examining them and making cuts where proper. Especially those for the ethanol lobby.


Stephen fincher(r-Tenn) a self professed conservative and a newly elected tea party goper,has received 3,368,843 dollars in farm subsides.
michele backward(r-Minn) the self proclaimed tea party queen and ferocious advocate against entitlements,is also a ferocious liar. Her family has received 259,332 in farm subsidies,and for some unknown reason,currently this doesn't appear on the Farm Subsidy Data Base!!! Another
of her entitlement rants was aimed at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,that didn't stop her from getting a home loan from them. HYPOCRITE!!!!!!
Finally one last entitlement,Her husband has received 137,000 dollars from medicad. michele backwards has railed against medicad for swelling the,'welfare rolls," and charges Obama wants to bankrupt Medicad,to force seniors into "Obamacare." For these three blantant hypocrisies,michele backwards gets three "liar,liar pants on fire," awards


Roy, really? You spin this as if this is something new! NOT!

First of all, this is a family farm that Vickie and her husband have taken over, so the vast amount of their “worth” was derived from previous family members. (Perhaps you are suggesting that when a person dies everything they own should go to the government!?!?). The title to your letter is SO far off it is below pathetic. She’s not ‘cashing in’ on anything that wasn’t there prior to her running for Congress. And if $20-25k per year in subsidies is a make or break deal then maybe you should run against her.

Let’s remember that every farmer like Hartzler is eligible for these subsidies, and virtually all of them take the subsidies.

The scenario you paint is no different than Warren Buffet saying the rich should pay more, yet he paid not one penny more than he was obligated. I say, HUM, to both Buffet and Hartzler.

Now, let’s talk about Claire McCaskill and how she attained her wealth:-O


At every campaign stop she needs to be questioned on this.


Vicky says a lot yet she doesn't seem to say much of anything ...


How did this woman get elected? Ike must be chuckling.

Vicky is #6 and #9 in Cass County.


$1.4 million in evil government checks over 15 years is a lot of money.


$15 million is pretty good for an old home-ec teacher.

Vicky doesn't want to talk about their farm payments. Let's move along, please!!!

(Check out the government checks her parents' farm has also cashed. Welfare queens, indeed.)

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