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April 06, 2012

Benefits of streetcar

Although I know there are easily enough people in Kansas City who live, work and play downtown to make the proposed streetcar a success, I think it would be great for tourists, too.

My brother and sister-in-law from St. Louis come to the Sprint Center for concerts, stay at a downtown hotel and party until the wee hours.

If it was just about money, they could stay with me for free in Blue Springs. But when they come for a concert, they want to stay in the middle of the activities and not have to drive here at midnight after enjoying themselves in the Power & Light District.

A streetcar would suit them to a tee for easily getting around and leaving the car in the hotel garage.

Considering what they already pay for tickets, hotel and meals, a couple of extra bucks won’t faze them. Naysayers needn’t worry about the streetcar tax hurting hotels.

We have a great entertainment package, and the streetcar would be perfect to make downtown easy to get around. Who knows, my brother might spend more money and stay another night.

Janet Rogers

Blue Springs


Smarter Than You



.....have bro bring enough money with him to fund the streetcar project....

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