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April 09, 2012

Getting oil takes time

Once again the paper’s liberal bias comes shining through, and so obvious, talking out of both sides of your collective mouths. First thing, if I’m not mistaken when the previous administration was in power the Democrats were blaming it for high gas prices, remember?

Now they attribute the rise in oil production in the U.S. to the present administration, which has not been in office long enough to take credit for this, because it takes five to seven years for exploration and drilling for a new well to get oil into the system.

Can you try and clarify this because you have me confounded on your thought process.

Jeff Haley

Sheridan, Mo.



fot....there nothing amazing about remembering to blame Bush...It's been drilled into our heads over and over by this administration and particularly this president since HE blamed Bush for high gas prices while HE was running for office....

(Gish! - You happen to have a short memory...)

I just happen to see where Jeff is coming from...Obama taking the praise for more oil production while not taking any of the blame for higher prices.....btw this s the entire gist of his letter....


LL Amazingly after 3 plus years Americans still remember the bush regime,here's a fox poll,I mean Rasmussen report that still blames bush. Yes it's close,but bush is still not forgotten http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/287882/more-people-blame-bush-economy-obama-brian-bolduc
How is it that during the bush regime in the summer of 2008,according to bill orielly,if anyone says that the president can raise or lower gas prices that's BS,yet today fox blames Obama for higher gas prices


Ah...to the letter, got it. IF the Star (and I guess it would technically be the Star editorial board) blamed Bush for high gas prices - tough to determine because no reference is given - and IF the Star editorial board attributes the raise in production to Obama - again no evidence - then the editorial board would be wrong. But on closer examination I think this letter is bunk. Thanks JDog!

Also, it looks like we have Bush to thank for the understanding that increased production does not lead to lower gas prices.


gg, I don't see where the letter writer was/is advocating more drilling/production, just that the new production coming on-line was the result of actions taken before Obama. Do you agree with that?


JDog, we already know what doesn't work, and the republicans want to double down on it, destroying Alaska, Colorado, Utah, the gulf, and the coasts in the process. This sounds bright to you?


Interesting replies SK & gg. Were you attempting to say something or just avoid the issue completely?

SK, thanks for the humor this morning. Nice to see some on the Left really have those extreme views!!! "...Bush starting 2 wars under false pretences..."; "failing to protect the country on 9/11"; "driving the country off the cliff with his economic policy causing the worst econmic conditions since the great depress".

Now I'll give you the debt part, but you have to agree that Obama is even worse.

Pick one of those topics I re-posted for you and let's debate the merit of your false illusion.


I think the president's main point is that production or lack thereof is not causing the raise in prices at the pump. Drill baby drill, destroying our environment and flooding the market will oil won't work either.


I don't remember liberals blaming Bush for high gas prices, sure you aren't confusing it with Bush starting 2 wars under false pretences, running up the debt while claiming to be fiscally conservative, failing to protect the country on 9/11, driving the country off the cliff with his economic policy causing the worst econmic conditions since the great depress or maybe it was water boarding? I don't know, maybe he was reponsible for high gas prices too...the list is just too long.


Great letter Jeff! Obama ONLY takes credit for the good NOT the bad!! That's still George W. Bush's fault! Classy Huh?....

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