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April 02, 2012

Marriage matter of law

The act of marriage is a legally binding contract. Somehow organized religion, as faith officials are wont to do, got involved in the process.

Now they think it’s all about them. It is not.

When you want to break that contract, you don’t need a priest. You need a lawyer.

Organized religion has the right to say no to the legally meaningless ceremonial part of marriage. The government, however, does not have that ability.

To deny anyone the right to legally contract is a violation of the Constitution.

Dan Lopez

Kansas City

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/04/01/3526443/letters-monday-april-2.html#storylink=cpy



A Late April Fool's Joke from the Star...Wait until after 2PM and then re-post today's letters..(Some fun huh?...)

The old ones are still here though (along with comments)...just need to back up to them...:)

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