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April 09, 2012

Oil company drillings

Instead of just shaming Republicans for blaming Obama for high gas prices, why don’t people acknowledge that no one in the congressional delegations of either Missouri or Kansas has the initiative or courage to stand up to the oil industry by submitting a measure to reinstitute a federal speed limit? We’re supposed to believe supply issues are responsible for price increases when every gas station in town has enough gas to swim in?

Let’s get real.

Because every little tweak in the Middle East seems to jack up oil prices in the markets, why don’t we try to tweak the market with the threat of reduced consumption through a federal speed limit? If speculators like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley really thought there might be a reduction in gas consumption, they’d bail out of the oil markets like scalded cats.

But none of our congressmen or senators has done anything about this fleecing of the American public except promise us more supply 10 years hence by drilling hither, thither and yon — all the while allowing the oil companies to drill us in the meantime.

Dane Hicks

Greeley, Kan.



Slowing from 80mph to 60 saves 10-20% in fuel.

Of course, it then takes an extra 1-1/2 hrs to cross Kansas and who wants to spend any more time in Kansas than necessary? Let's get real. It's a question of priorities.

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