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April 07, 2012

Piping Rush to troops

I recently discovered that the U.S. military uses our hard-earned tax dollars to pay to broadcast the Rush Limbaugh radio show to our men and women in uniform. Why should any branch or department of the U.S. government be spreading the thoughts of such a partisan and often hate-filled person at the U.S. taxpayers’ expense?

Our conservative state and U.S. representatives love to loudly proclaim their outrage at wasteful spending and government overreach. Well where are you on this issue?

Why aren’t you demanding the end to this wasteful, ideological-driven agenda, which our precious tax dollars are paying for? Never mind, we all know where you are. You’re right there with GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, shivering in your oxfords over the idea of riling your king.

King Rushbo.

Scott Kesterson

Overland Park



Gro, the army favors Paul. Neither a republican or democrat, but has to choose one of those 2 moronic parties to get his message heard. So, he chose the loudest party. Both parties suck though.

Ron Paul 2012
Vote for your Liberties! (what few we have left)


I remember armed forces radio as being very diverse. It had programming to match every taste. Frankly it was far better and far fairer in every respect than any commercial radio station, including NPR. I expect that it airs programs Scott would approve of as well as those he doesn't.


No worse than getting the regular liberal side of things...I happen to agree with Sol on this issue. Surprise!



"You are correct Scott. The right wing cowers to this man and his bullying. What a group of weak so called Americans the right holds up as their leaders."

Are you agreeing with yourself?


Given that the military is overwhelmingly conservative (note that Obama has an approval rate of less than 25% amongst my fellow Marines), it is very likely that the majority serving in uniform enjoy listening to Rush. Why would liberals such as the letter writer want to affect the morale of our troops in a negative way?

As far as ggbridge's claim that NPR treats everyone in a respectful manner, that could not be further from the truth.


GG WROTE>>>>>"It's mostly that Rush exists that's my problem."

GG begrudges the existence of people she disagrees with. sigh


You are correct Scott. The right wing cowers to this man and his bullying. What a group of weak so called Americans the right holds up as their leaders.


Sigh...I know...


......America doesn't always make sense, but it's ours.....


So...Rush talking trash about the Commander in Chief in the most disrespectful tone possible doesn't matter? Rush calling Obama a thug should be okay? At at least NPR treats everyone with respect, not a slut to be found. I don't want to censor what the troops hear. It's mostly that Rush exists that's my problem. I don't think we'd be piping them Fred Phelps every Sunday, right? Same difference.


......no one is being forced to hear Rush...... our soldiers should have access to as much "
home" as possible.....that you or I don't care for him doesn't matter


Scott can have armed forces radio if I can have NPR.

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