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April 03, 2012

Poverty solutions

Two solutions to urban poverty have been offered recently. These are somewhat simplistic but possible.

The first tells young black males to go to work. The second tells single mothers to get married.

Some of the major sources of income in the inner city are illegal. Selling drugs can provide a sizable income, large enough to flaunt.

Because of our profitable prison industrial-complex, large numbers of young black people are in prison for nonviolent crimes.

Young, single people from the middle class could move to the inner-city. It is possible there are other solutions.

William J. Curtis


Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/04/02/3531343/letters-tuesday-april-3.html#storylink=cpy



Wow gringoloco, I would imagine that if the federal government wanted to stop drugs they could. If we don't keep giving money to the drug producing countries. Then ask them to stop the drugs or never get another cent it would help. People do have busses. Johnson county and Wyandotte county have provided busses to take people to work. There are busses in the inner city. Put drug enforcement in the hands of the local law. This would help. Now they aren't allowed to do much as the federal goverment will stop them.


This letter tries to cover so much it is incoherent. What is the writer against? What is he for? What is he suggesting as a solution? I don't know.

Yes, there are few legal jobs with a future in the inner city. Yes, the "best", or at least most lucrative, inner city jobs are illegal. Yes, with virtually no decent public transportation, a person poor enough to not have a car is at an extreme disadvantage in the job market. Yes, the poorest who find a way to get out and move families to the suburbs, do so as soon as they possibly can. Yes, those who succeed in finding a legal way to make enough to move their families to the suburbs makes it harder for those behind them to do the same. Well surprise me some more! Yes, the more people who are put in jail, the more the for profit jail companies make.

Well, no duh!

So the "solution" Mr Curtis suggests is that the middle-class move back to the inner-city? Hmmmmm?

What could make the middle-class move back to the inner-city? What could get the middle class to move back to the land of high crime, lousy transportation, few job opportunities, bad housing and worse schools?

I get it! The middle class hasn't been economically reduced enough to appreciate the joys of inner-city living.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

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