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April 05, 2012

Riches of Romney

Some letter writers have pointed out that Newt Gingrich has criticized Mitt Romney’s wealth even though Gingrich has “rich” in his own name. That reminded me that if you transpose a couple letters in Romney’s name, it spells Mitt R. Money. Yes, he “R!”

Susan Pepperdine



Smarter Than You

No, that's not what I'm saying. I fully expect some people to take offense at being called out. I admit to utilizing patronizing when other people keep telling the same tired lies or are provided documentation they demand and then ignore it. Our exchanges on a topic are not the first and will not be the last. I typically let others take the first shot...but have been guilty of premature immaturity (who hasn't amongst us).

Sol and I, for example, have gone round and round before. He can really dish the pith...although it's usually in more of a literate Dennis Millerish vein.

The difference is with all other posters when that blog is over, it's over and they've never felt the need to chase around. The point I was trying to make then is the same as I made tonight; I used the word you took offense to because you were acting in that manner. I'm sorry if you found it overtly offensive, but to me it was an apt descriptor.

Peace out for the weekend. Spend some time with family and decompress (that's my plan). We can argue and solve the issues of the world next week.


Sty by your comment you appear to think that you didn't act childish or that you were not offensive,is that your belief?

Smarter Than You

Actually, I was referring to our exchange a couple of nights ago (Payday for rich, famous) where I documented all of your cases of (word omited). LL was also posting there, if that helps. Your last post there also disappeared.

Not that it matters, you seem to have gotten over your need to act foolish and as long as that's the case I certainly see no need to call you out on it.

One question, as long as we’re being civil…what makes you think I would take offense to the Log Cabin Republican thing? My wife and I have gay friends and while I’m not gay I’m certainly comfortable and secure enough to not be offended by homophobic taunts. Just something to think about.


So sty I guess your actions are acceptable,you'll recall that I requested you to cease and desist,only for you to continue. And as I noted my last comment(health care benefits)to you was deleted as was yours,so don't think you were less offensive.. I'd like everyone to be civil,but it must be reciprocal.I'm just as passionate about what I believe as anyone,my apologizes for getting carried away,but you lacked a certain degree of civility

Smarter Than You

Fortunately FOT, Woody, LL, etc can all read your numerous posts and make their own decisions about your actions. You seem to have figured out today that if you don't act like a (word omitted because you've actually been on good behavior) you don't get called a (same omitted word) by me.

That anybody else may have recognized and commented on your histroy today is beyond my control.


Woody,I guess you don't find anything offensive in the repeated rants about stalking. Your most likely a fan of Kevin/ruppert666/alfie. As I stated before I asked it(sty) to refrain from these comments only to be ignored,yet you see no problem with that,so don't tell me to get over it. This creep has perpetuated this matter


I am all kinds of rich, Kate. And incredibly lucky. Happy birthday to yours as well.


fot, get over yourself already.


gg, are you rich? Husband, family and friends to par-tay with . . . yes, you're rich! :) Happy birthday to your husband, who shares the day with my mom and MIL.


Whoa.. You guys are awesome! And to think I left it to an anagram generator (it's the spouses 50th birthday, and there was a par-tay) Bride of something it is. Am I rich?


So sty,back from your Log Cabin Republican rendezvous

Smarter Than You

ggg bride


......Egg G Bird.....Bird G Egg......



.......G.Egg Bird....


Not a single anagram of ggbridge. I'm so disappointed!

Smarter Than You

Apology? I'm sorry you're a stalker. Good enough?

With that I will leave this blog to the "unhinged" ramblings of FOT and wait for his next outbreak of stalkery; where it will continued to be identified for what it is.

Smarter Than You

Ignore him, LL. As you noted, he looks like an out-of-control stalker again today. In this case, the look is accurate. You can go back to that last blog and see his final post was deleted but the documentations of his stalking were left...

To all other denizens of Unfettered, I apologise for the demented individual who has made his purpose in life stalking me across this board. It really is the best he can offer.


LL I'm not up set with you,alittle disappointed when you sided with it(sty) ,not knowing that it(sty) started this stalking issue. As I stated earlier,in a post on the thread "health care benefits," I asked it(sty) to refrain from comments regarding stalking,only to read its (sty) next post saying,"quit stalking." Then it(sty) comments that my last post was deleted,well so was its(sty). But it(sty) instead choose to remain a smug,petty little child. You stick up for it(sty)fine I think your trying to mediate alittle here, ok ,but IMO, your wasting your time with it(sty)because it(sty) had a chance to not comment about stalking any further,but kept it going instead of stop making offensive remarks,how pathetic!!


SK....Love the way you're getting creative with you CONservative.....I know you love being called a democRAT.... :-)

Not a chance that Romney would pick Palin for his VP (dream on)...but speaking of VP's....Biden's WikiLeaks folder didn't speak very kindly about what other foreign leaders thought of this guys intelligence...

No, SK....the CIRCUS is just beginning...the attack by Romney is now pointed solely at Obama....and pretty soon the REAL fun will start...


Susan has discovered the anagram, and she wants to share her joy with us. Susan, now try a harder one: barack obama.

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